The Information panel

WARNING: The manual is current several versions out of date. While it may still be useful for some users, please refer to the tutorial for the most up-to-date information.

The information panel displays information about a selected data item in the Manipulation panel. It shows the name of the item at the top. It also shows the following analysis, if available, the Rg in Å, I(0), and MW in kDa (from reference to a set MW standard). There is a box into which sample concentration can be entered in mg/mL. Notes or a description of the sample can also be entered, and will be saved as part of the “header” when a .dat file is saved. Finally, the drop down list in the header browser can be used to display and quickly view any header value available for the data item.

If the current Control panel is changed from the Manipulation panel to the IFT or SEC panel, the Information panel is cleared. If the panel is changed back to the Manipulation panel, the data in the Information panel are restored.