A few additional tricksΒΆ

Here are some additional tricks that may make your life easier while using RAW:

  1. If you click on a scattering profile in the Profiles plot, the corresponding Profiles list item will be highlighted.
  2. You can save the workspace by going to File->Save Workspace. This will save all of the scattering profiles, IFT curves, and Series curves. These will all be loaded again when you load the workspace.
    • Note: This does not save the settings!
  3. If you go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Molecular weight, you can change the default type of molecule used in the MW estimation from the volume of correlation. This affects the default option selected in the MW window.
  4. If you have the crossed arrows selected in the plot control bar to drag a plot, right clicking and dragging allows you to zoom a plot.
  5. You can turn error bars on and off for scattering profiles using the error bar button in the plot control (to the right of the save button).
  6. You can rename a curve by right clicking on the appropriate entry in the list and choosing rename.
  7. You can view the history of a scattering profile by right clicking on it and selecting Show History. For a curve that has been processed from an image, this will show you processing parameters such as normalization and any corrections applied to the scattering intensity. For a curve that is processed (such as an averaged of subtracted curve) it will show you the steps used to make that curve. For example, for an averaged curve, it will show you all of the files that were averaged.
  8. All of the main RAW plots read out the mouse coordinates at the bottom of the RAW window, just below all of the tool buttons.