OS X and macOS install from source instructions

  1. Install Miniconda python distribution

    • Download the free miniconda python 3.7 installer from: https://docs.conda.io/en/latest/miniconda.htmll

      • Make sure you get the python 3.7 version!
    • Open a Terminal window by starting the Terminal app.

      • Using the Launcher, it is located in the Other section.



      • Browsing the Applications folder in Finder, Terminal is in the Utilities folder.
    • In the terminal window type cd ~\Downloads and hit enter.

    • In the terminal window type bash Miniconda3-latest-MacOSX-x86_64.sh and hit enter.

    • Agree to all of the prompts.

    • More detailed install instructions are available here: https://conda.io/docs/user-guide/install/macos.html

    • Close the terminal window.

  2. Install numpy scipy matplotlib pillow wxpython numba h5py lxml cython numexpr using conda.

    • Open a new terminal window as in the previous step
    • Type conda upgrade conda pip wheel setuptools and hit enter. Agree to all the prompts.
    • Type conda install numpy scipy 'matplotlib<3.2' pillow 'wxpython<4.1' numba h5py cython numexpr and hit enter. Agree to all the prompts.
  3. Install the hdf5plugin, silx, fabio, and pyFAI packages using pip

    • In the terminal window type pip install hdf5plugin silx fabio pyfai
    • Hit enter
    • Once the installation finishes, close the terminal window.
  4. Download RAW from sourceforge

    • https://sourceforge.net/projects/bioxtasraw
    • Navigate to the Files tab and download the latest source code, RAW-x.y.z-Source.zip. Or download the latest development version from the git by navigating to the Code tab.
  5. Expand the downloaded zip file in the Downloads folder by double clicking on it.

    • This step may not be necessary, some browsers may automatically expand zip files.
  6. In the terminal or in the graphical file manager, confirm that the file named setup.py is in your expanded raw directory. If it isn’t, it’s likely that when you expanded the RAW download, you ended up with unnecessary layers of directories. Find the directory with setup.py in it, and make that the top level folder.

  7. Move the RAW files to Applications folder

    • Move the folder that contains all of the RAW files to the Applications folder. As above, this would be the folder with setup.py in it.
    • Rename the folder that you just moved to raw.
  8. In a terminal, change directory into the top level RAW folder

    • If you used the suggested path of Applications/raw type: cd /Applications/raw
  9. Build the extensions.

    • python setup.py build_ext --inplace
  10. Navigate to the bioxtasraw subfolder

    • From the top level RAW folder it should be cd ./bioxtasraw
  11. Run RAW

    • pythonw RAW.py
  12. Enjoy!