Common problems/troubleshooting

Installing the prebuilt app package:

  • Because the RAW team is an unidentified developer, you may get a warning message the first time you run the program. If that happens, right click on RAW and select Open from the right click menu, and then click the Open button in the window that appears.
    • This requires administrator privileges
  • If the above doesn’t work, you can run the RAW app from the command line. Navigate to and run the RAW unix executable file (./RAW) in that directory.

Installing from source:

  • If you fail to build the extensions before running RAW, RAW will crash at some point. Be sure to run the python build_ext --inplace before starting RAW.
  • Using the RAW autorg function requires a relatively recent version of numba. If you get an error running this function update your numba version to the most recent.
  • If you are installong on an older Macbook (older than ~2012) you need to install all packages through conda forge (conda install -c conda-forge <package_name>). The new ones in the main conda channel cuase an illegal instruction error. See this thread: It’s possible this will be resolved at some point and the main channel will be useable for older machines again.