Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 install from source instructions

  1. RAW on windows can be installed using 64 bit (x64) or 32 bit (x86) python. Unless you know you need a 32 bit build, you should install the 64 bit version. Some libraries, such as pyFAI, maybe hard to install on 32 bit windows.

  2. Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 14.2 Standalone: Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019.

  3. Install Miniconda python distribution

  4. Install the necessary python packages

    • Open an anaconda prompt by clicking on the start menu -> All Programs -> Anaconda2 -> Anaconda Prompt
    • Run the following commands in the anaconda prompt:
    • conda upgrade conda pip wheel setuptools
    • conda install numpy scipy 'matplotlib<3.2' pillow 'wxpython<4.1' numba h5py cython numexpr
    • pip install hdf5plugin silx fabio pyfai
  5. Download RAW from sourceforge (

    • Go to the Files tab on the linked website and download the file, where x.y.z is the version number (for example, 1.0.0).
  6. Expand the downloaded zip file into the downloads folder

    • Right click on the download and select Extract All
    • Accept the default location for files to be extracted.


  7. In Windows Explorer, confirm that the file named is in your top level expanded raw directory. If it isn’t, it’s likely that when you expanded the RAW download, you ended up with unnecessary layers of directories. Find the directory with in it, and make that the top level folder.

  8. Build the extensions

    • Open an anaconda prompt as in Step 4 of these instructions.
    • Type cd C:\raw
    • Hit enter
    • Type python build_ext --inplace
    • Hit enter
  9. Run from the command line

    • Open an anaconda prompt as in Step 4 of these instructions.
    • Type cd C:\raw\bioxtasraw
    • Hit enter
    • Type python
    • Hit enter
  10. Enjoy!