Using a prebuilt installer

The recommend way to install RAW on Windows is using a prebuilt installer. To install from a prebuilt installer, simply download the RAW-x.y.z-win64.msi (where x.y.z is the version number) file from sourceforge (, and double click it to run the installer.

Download BioXTAS RAW

Important Notes:

  • Because the RAW team is an ‘unknown’ developer, you will probably see some security warnings when you install RAW. When you do, just give the installer and program permission to run on your computer.
  • RAW is used by (relatively) few people, which means many virus scanners have not seen the RAW software before. Occasionally virus scanners will mark a file (typically RAW.exe) as a threat (it will usually be in the ‘general malware’ category). If this happens, please do the following:
    • Upload the file to and see if any other virus scanners identify it as a virus (it is always possible someone hijacked the installer somehow!).
    • If most or all of the virus scanners on clear the file, make an exception for it in your virus scanner.
    • Contact the RAW developers, so we can report the false identification to the virus scanner company and get the file whitelisted in future definitions files.