General instructions for installing from source (advanced users)

  1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 14.2 Standalone: Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019
  2. Install Python 3.7 (if it isn’t already installed) and add it to your system path.
  3. Install the following Python packages (version indicated if less than most recent):
    • numpy
    • scipy
    • matplotlib < 3.2
    • pillow
    • wxpython < 4.1
    • h5py
    • cython
    • fabio
    • pyFAI
    • hdf5plugin
    • numba
  4. Download the RAW source file (RAW-x.y.z-Source where x.y.z is the version number) from sourceforge (
  5. Extract RAW to a directory of your choice.
  6. In the top level RAW directory run python build_ext --inplace to build the extensions.
  7. In the bioxtasraw subdirectory run using python.
  8. Enjoy!
    • If you have problems, please consult the detailed installation guides and the solutions to common problems below. If that doesn’t help, please contact the developers.

Notes for python 2 installation

As of version 2.0.0, RAW is Python 3 compatible. The last guaranteed Python 2 compatible version of RAW is 2.0.0. However, it may still be possible to install RAW for Python 2. A few additional notes for that:

  1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable and Visual C++ Compiler for Python.
  2. Install Python 2.7
  3. Additional dependencies:
    • future
  4. Required version of pyFAI is 0.17